Erica Lill

Wilkinson Family of Companies


Since 1991 Wilkinson Corporation—parent of the Wilkinson Family of Companies—has specialized in commercial real estate transactions, managing the acquisition and disposition of multifamily apartment and student residential complexes, senior living communities, office and industrial buildings, and development projects on behalf of investors.


Over $1.8 billion total portfolio
More than 120 properties acquired
More than 80 have gone full cycle
16 properties developed or co-developed

We manage the process from acquisition through disposition, thriving in multiple economic cycles with geographic, asset class, and strategic diversification. We attribute our success to vertically integrated property management, internal asset management, and strong leadership.


Institutional-level operations and asset management team
Highest standards of transparency, reporting, and compliance
National operations historically across 18 states
Industry-leading asset repositioning experience

Our greatest assets are the people with whom we work—we place a huge priority on delivering an outstanding experience to our residents, do everything we can to exceed our investors’ expectations, passionately value our team members, and work to find ways of expressing this ideal. These are the pursuits that drive us to be the best at what we do.

We also hold a set of non-negotiable principles that guide our decisions, our actions, and our lives. We believe in:

Doing the right thing
Acting in the best interest of our residents and partners
Defining success by who we are
Building people
Modeling servant leadership
Continually pursuing excellence
Building beyond business
Creating quality relationships
Enjoying life with passion

As the parent of the Wilkinson Family of Companies, Wilkinson Corporation provides guidance for each specialized subsidiary—performing functions such as in-house legal counsel, general accounting, human resources, public relations, creative services, and communications capabilities.

To be a world-class leader in building exceptional people and out-of-the-ordinary wealth—a wealth of life including peace of mind, character, strong relationships, as well as financial growth.