The Search for Talent: Family Offices

This edition of the Family Office Association Newsletter features insights on the search for talent by Greg Coules and Adrienne Donald, Hunter Advisors 

The economic dislocations of the past two years have brought closer two hitherto relatively unrelated markets: family offices that own significant wealth in the form of business assets, investments, real estate, and cash; and senior level hedge fund professionals. An awareness of the need for greater investment sophistication and a desire to obtain the advantages enjoyed by other institutional  investors are prompting some family offices to turn to hedge fund professionals. Under what circumstances would hedge fund professionals be interested in moving into the world of a family office? What, from the talent side, are the challenges of family offices? What are the a attractions? What combination of investment activity, culture, and compensation would make the world of family offices attractive to a pool of talent with the highest levels of investment skills?

nwsltr_talentTo answer these questions, Hunter Advisors conducted a survey of hedge fund portfolio managers and senior analysts working within the United States to determine

  • What portion of senior hedge fund professionals have already been in contact with family offices
  • What if any interest existed among hedge fund professionals in pursuing opportunities with family offices
  • What kind of appeal family offices hold for hedge fund professionals
  • What kinds of reservations hedge fund professionals have about working at family offices
  • What kind of compensation expectations those professionals have for roles at family offices


View the Newsletter in full: Newsletter: The Search For Talent: Family Offices

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