Consulting Emergency Response Simulation



Immersive, Fully Customized Half-Day Online Session

This virtual exercise will help uncover your family office vulnerabilities and give you the opportunity to improve. Your team will be put to the test with a disaster scenario and will have to work together to respond to the threat. Our experts will moderate and observe your disaster response and will provide post-simulation feedback to help you improve. We will reconvene two-weeks post-event to reflect together and provide guidance for improvement.

This scenario is designed to put your team to the test. They will have no forward-knowledge of the planned disaster. Team members will gather at a designated time in an online session and will be presented with a scenario. In this timed session, participants will discuss the best response, drawing on your internal processes and strategies. The team will agree upon and then present a scenario response to the moderator in an interactive back-and-forth to test your mettle.


Your team will face a unique challenge, but sample challenges include:


  • Family principal is suddenly and drastically ill
  • Next generation members are suddenly more active in the family office and demanding new ways of working
  • A family member is struggling with addiction that threatens to impact reputation
  • A key team member suddenly leaves the SFO and the position needs to be filled immediately
  • An outside firm that the SFO relies on suddenly collapses
  • International conflict threatens the family’s overseas holdings and/or strands family members
  • Shifting government regulation creates the need for new wealth preservation strategies
  • And many more!

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