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We will teach you 2 things immediately that will pay for this consulting

Over the past 12 months, I have immersed myself in the evolution of money and finance. COVID-19 accelerated the inevitable. I have interacted and invested in every aspect of this ecosystem. I have conversed and met with the world’s leading creative thinkers, technologists, and futurists.

I have met with over 100 of the most devoted leading minds behind this ecosystem and have met with (and listened to) many of the leading figures representing the argument for caution.

I am thoroughly convinced that the next 10 years, barring unforeseen circumstances (world war, etc.), will be revolutionary, as we will see the rise of decentralized cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralized finance (DEFI), the metaverse, NFTs, and Government Centralized Digital Currencies (ie programmable money).

This digital transformation of money and finance will be bigger than the invention of the Internet! After months of building infrastructure and resources, Family Office Association is launching the most comprehensive digital asset consultative service dedicated to the world’s wealthiest families (including their rising generations), family offices, institutional investors, hedge fund managers, and investors.

Consulting Includes

Depending on the needs of your family office, topics may include

Learn why DeFi will Disrupt Traditional Finance...before It Disrupts Your Portfolio

That’s right, this needs to be hands-on… more than digital masterclasses and conversations, you can participate in our group workshops and one-on-one training to actually create.

Many of you have children and/or grandchildren in K-12, or undergrad or graduate college programs, they are NOT learning about any of this!!! Some are learning as the youth often do, on their own. 

The current curriculum dedicated to the very few programs that teach this is often basic, dated, and burdened by educational bureaucracy.

We can help your rising generations in a very short time (they will pick this up fast) learn more about what we described that will actually help them in business and finance than anything you will pay for their classic education.  

If you are a burgeoning investor or hedge fund manager, or new or established family office or institutional CIO, this is your chance to immerse yourself… to upgrade… to accelerate your knowledge…  you will have a MASSIVE edge. These markets are inefficient, the asymmetrical opportunities exist. 

This is a premium consultative immersive service. We have extremely limited capacity. Serious inquiries only. 

Family Office Association Digital Asset Consulting

The Evolution of Money: Bitcoin. Ethereum. The Complete Digital Asset Ecosystem. 

Trillions will be created. There will be winners and losers. There will be significant declines and volatility. However, there is extraordinary asymmetrical potential.

The world can’t ‘taste’ digital and go back to analog. 

Technological innovation does not have an off switch; responding to change with complacency is an invitation to get left behind. 

Bitcoin is digital gold

Ethereum is digital oil 

NFTs are digital certificates of ownership (including art, music, memberships, etc.) 

We will accelerate your knowledge. We will help you navigate what can appear to be incredibly difficult choices on the ‘thinking process’ and ‘how to options’ of what to own and invest in. 

We will accelerate your knowledge on how to think about your personal security and your digital assets. There are MAJOR potential security issues around purchase and custody that you need unbiased clear guidance.

Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum (properly!!!) and understanding security and custody is only the beginning. This ecosystem is way larger than Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


99% of the population is way behind! 


This is your opportunity to learn how to think for yourself and make informed educated decisions on highly asymmetrical opportunities. 

It’s one thing to be taught and educated on the opportunities and considerations HOWEVER as I learned, the way to exponentially EXPAND your knowledge and confidence is to immerse yourself and actually learn…

Consulting Includes

Depending on the needs of your family office, topics may include