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Family Office Association is committed to providing the highest quality information on the family office industry. Drawing on the collective knowledge of our families members, the expertise of our Resource Council members, and the insights of thought leaders across industries, we work to bring you the best research available on topics like single family office management, investment management, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, estate planning, and much, much more. If you’re interested in full access to the Family Office Association library, please apply for membership.

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White Papers

Our white papers are written by industry experts and insiders on a variety of topics and are considered among the best available.


Join us for our regular podcasts as we take deep dives into some of the most interesting topics with truly knowledgable guests.

Videos & Interviews

For our non-event members we provide video insights from our Investment Forums, Seasonal Retreats and special events.


Our newsletters feature debriefs of our events, brief follow-up QAs with our keynote presenters and other valuable information.

Question & Answers

Our QA format delves deeply into specific topics to provide a comprehensive view of the topics most interesting to our member base.

Speaker Bios & Presentations

Stay abreast of our impressive speaker roster, their bios, tips and the presentations they give at our member events.

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Family Office Association Expert Topics

Family Office Association covers a wide variety of topics, spurred by membership interest and industry dynamics. Here are some of our most popular topics.

SFO Best Practices

Our primary goal is providing best practices on creating a custom SFO that meets the modern standards and suits the needs of your family.

Leveraging Technology

We explore the best technologies available to help you take advantage of managing your investments, entrepreneurship, wealth and SFO operations.

Family Culture

Family Office Association offers deep insights into bridging the intergenerational gaps to create a sustainable family culture that ensures integrity in the transfer of wealth.


We highlight not only the leading opportunities to do good works, but the best practices around creating philanthropic organizations.

Investment Management

The background of our legendary speakers is a strong indication of the value we offer in the investment management area.


Family Office Association Ignite’s Startup Pitch Panel offers members an introduction to the world of startups with expert judges providing guidance and feedback.



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