Ready. Set. Go. Cuba

Author: Miles Spencer, Co-Founder, Innovadores, LLC. and John Caulfield
Co-Founder, Innovadores, LLC.

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Secretary of State John Kerry spoke these words as he raised the flag over the newly re-christened American Embassy in Havana. It signaled a massive shift in global diplomacy, and an entry point for forward-thinkers in opportunity. The death of longtime leader Fidel Castro further marks a change in what we can expect between Cuban-American relations.

The historic normalization of relations between the USA and Cuba, beginning with Kerry’s speech in 2015, is a date that marks a new starting point for, what we feel, is the pent up demand for progress. This white paper will help the reader easily digest the complex history of Cuba, and set the framework for opportunities for projects within this exciting market that, for 50 years, has slumbered a mere 45 miles from U.S. shores.

Bottom line? Cuba “slumbers” no more. Investors and developers are openly asking “If Cuba …” . This white paper will outline a basic history of this vibrant country, how to navigate its cultural complexities and best take advantage of the many opportunities that await.

As part of this paper, we will interview several key players who are deeply connected and have done business in Cuba, as well as those who wish to develop new projects in the market. This will provide a crucial window into how to achieve success in the country.

If you are considering investment in Cuba, read the white paper for guidance on the best way to proceed.

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