SFO Creation: The Ultimate Wealth & Legacy Protector

[note]Understanding SFO Creation: Given growing global financial risks, families of exceptional wealth with their own dedicated, properly structured single family office stand the best chance of preserving and expanding their wealth over generations. [/note]

The vast majority of the more than 56,500 families around the world with net worth of $100 million and up and more than 16,500 with upwards of $250 million1 have yet to create a single family office (SFO). Many families understand that SFOs provide the ultimate in privacy, control and customization. Their resistance to creating one often stems from a mistaken belief that SFOs are exorbitantly expensive to operate than outsourced investing and other services. In fact, the costs of starting and running a family office—especially one that primarily retains its own dedicated direct investment staff—can be much lower than outsourcing to investment professionals/managers. The risks and opportunity costs of not having a single family office, which could be devastating to a family’s future wealth, dictate reconsideration of creating an SFO. This White Paper ascertains risks that today’s tumultuous global financial markets pose for families of exceptional wealth and identifies the many ways a properly structured SFO can best manage, if not mitigate, those risks.

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  • Risks to Riches
  • SFO Solutions for Potential Risks
  • Costs: SFOs vs Allocations


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Author: Family Office Association Support
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