SFO Risk Management Solutions: The Insider Threat

[note]The Insider Threat: Red Flags and SFO Risk Management Solutions for a Different Breed of Criminal[/note]

One of the major responsibilities of many family office executives is hiring personnel to whom they entrust their clients’ assets. Deficiencies in the background investigation processes commonly used to pre-screen employees may be putting those clients at serious risk for insider attacks.

This white paper examines key aspects of a threat that family offices are increasingly vulnerable to: insider attacks by employees. It identifies red-flag psychological traits of the insider-threat mentality by examining four high-profile national security breakdowns with serious implications for the family office. It also highlights the link between flawed government background investigation processes and hiring practices typically used by family office executives. And finally, it advocates that executives take immediate steps to adopt more advanced preemployment screening processes and put in place systems to regularly monitor both new and veteran employees with access to valuable assets and sensitive information.

Written by Christopher Falkenberg, founder and president of Insite Security, former Special Agent of the US Secret Service and attorney, this paper provides essential knowledge for understanding and mitigating potential threats from SFO employees.

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  • What’s at Stake
  • From Insider Threat to Insider Attack
  • National Security Meltdowns: Key Takeaways
  • Comprehensive Screening Program


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