Q/A: Investing In Asia

Q/A: Investing In Asia

A Q&A with Harris S. Fried


Q: Tell us a bit about your experiences in Asia?

Q: Do you believe best to allocate tactically to specific countries in Asia or if the capital, to diversify more broadly and why?

Q: Do you stress allocating towards public or private equities in Asia and why?

Q: How do you recommend a family office to source private investment opportunities in Asia?

Q: Many people assume that in public companies in certain countries in Asia the accounting standards for those companies are not as rigorous as in western counterparts. How does this affect your views on investing in Asia?

Q: Do you recommend that a single family office not based in Asia develop relationships with Asian families and co-invest with them?

Q: Perhaps another approach is to source families in their own country with experiences and connections in Asia?

Q: Should non-Asian based families develop strong relationships with Asian banks to source investments?

Q: Would you recommend for non-Asian families with exceptional interest, early experiences and the resources set up a satellite family office Asia, specifically Singapore?


AJR: Tell us a bit about your experiences in Asia?

HF: From a Family Office position in London I moved to Singapore in
January of 2001 to accept a position as General Counsel/Director of a large
and very successful investment banking af liate of a large German nancial institution. The investment bank that I worked for had an extensive branch network throughout the Asia-Paci c region. My responsibilities included corporate duties as well as advising on all manner of banking, investment banking and extensive involvement in the services extended to the rm’s Ultra-Af uent clients throughout Asia but primarily centered in Southeast Asia.

My job gave me an up close look at how some of the largest companies in Asia were operating by regularly providing lending as well as corporate nance advice to these companies but also to the owners through the bank’s private banking activities.

My arrival in Asia was very well timed to essentially coincide with an awakening of rapid and large scale development accompanied by unprecedented growth in the region.

Through my work and personal pursuits I gained a very significant knowledge base of how and what was taking place in Asia at the time. I remained in Singapore for 10 years and saw several business cycles, political disruptions, countries emerging from decades of stagnation, etc. In short my time there was a fascinating window into what was happening in Asia and importantly where and by whom.


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