Case Study 1 : Modern Single Family Office

Case Study 1 : Modern Single Family Office

by Angelo J. Robles, Founder & CEO and Joseph Reilly, President, Family Office Association


The Modern Single Family Office No. 1 is the first in a series of profiles of innovative family offices in the world today. We are attempting to capture the attitudes, behavior and characteristics of the newer types of entrepreneurial and active family offices that we see sprouting up, as well as the more established offices that have held the rudder steady for successive generations. The membership of Family Office Association seeks to learn from each other, and is often frustrated by the opacity of the family office world and the paucity of detailed data to be found in family office surveys. The very nature of family offices, the need for privacy and confidentiality, creates a veil over the sharing of best practices, processes and return profiles. We seek to ll this gap with critical insights into individual family offices, provided by our members and for our members, with as little editorial embellishment as possible.

Profile: The family office profiled was created in 2003 in New York by a wealth creator who enjoyed considerable success as a proprietary quant trader inside a large global banking institution.

Formation of a Modern Single Family Office

A proprietary trader within a large global banking institution created the wealth through considerable success in quantitative trading. The wealth creator is currently in his late forties, and is married with two young children. As his personal wealth expanded in the late 1990’s, the wealth creator took a sabbatical and indulged in his passion for music, travel and surfing. At this time the wealth creator also begun to focus on his philanthropic interests. His foundation focuses its giving in the following areas: health and human services, environment, math education and music. He decided, given his significant financial background and connections, to initially lead his own investment management. In 2003 the wealth creator recognized the need to create a superior approach to investing his personal capital, as he was returning to a more active role back at the bank. The primary mandate of the SFO was to create an investment vehicle focused on pursuing exceptional long-term returns.

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