Global Custody and The Global Citizen

Global Custody and The Global Citizen

The Global Citizen: A Global Custody

One thing we have learned since the global financial crisis that began in 2008 is that no institution—or country—is too big to fail, in spite of the Geithner doctrine. What many of us may not have accepted yet is what that could mean for many a family’s fortunes.

Political upheaval (think Iran and Egypt), financial mismanagement (Lehman Brothers and AIG), scams (Bernie Madoff and MF Global), and even extreme weather (the 2011 Japan tsunami and Hurricane Sandy in 2012) can affect the safety and accessibility of investors’ assets. In a worstcase scenario, it may be a matter of if, not when, investors can reclaim what they own. Any class of assets may be at risk if the institutions or nations that hold their cash, marketable securities, and even real assets such as jewelry, art, coins and precious metals were to go under.

This White Paper describes three such risks—ownership, margin and segregation— and explores several critical solutions. By following these solutions, wealthy families will truly become global citizens and greatly reduce their fortune’s exposure to these risks.


Global Custody Topics Covered

  • Ownership Risk
  • Margin Risk
  • Segregation Risk
  • Becoming a global citizen
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