The Future of Finance: An Family Office Association Podcast with Steve Lockshin

[note]Steve Lockshin Discusses The Future of Finance with Angelo J. Robles[/note]

In Part 25 of the Family Office Association Podcast Audio Series, Angelo J. Robles is joined by Steve Lockshin as they discuss the future of finance. You can either read the transcription or listen to the podcast and learn more about the future of finance

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Angelo Robles: Hello, everyone. This is Angelo Robles at Family Office Association. Welcome to our Family Office Association audio podcast. We are joined today by Steve Lockshin. Topic: The Future of Finance, and subtopic; Will Robo Advisors Change the World and Single Family Offices? Now I know some of you may be wondering what the word “robo advisor” means. We’re going to get to that but let me give a little background about Steve.

Steve is an entrepreneur within the wealth advisory industry. In ’94, Steve founded Convergent Wealth Advisors and served as CEO for eighteen years and then Chairman from 2012 through 2014. Under his leadership, the company became one of the largest wealth advisory rms in the industry, perennially recognized as a top IRA and MFO to the ultra-aflluent. Steve has ranked number 1 by Barron’s in both their state – California – and national rankings in numerous periods. Steve is also an influencer in the technology side of the industry, being an entrepreneur multiple companies. He’s an author recently in 2013 of Get Wise to Your Advisor and he will be talking about fiduciary issues, as well, and look forward to that. His latest venture is an RIA titled Advice Period and he also serves an active role in Betterment Institutional.

I could also describe Steve Lockshin as bionic advisor, industry agitator, and tech enthusiast! Steve, how are you?

Steve Lockshin: I’m well. Good morning.

Angelo Robles: Good morning. A pleasure to have you on the call. Let’s get to it. As I hinted in my title/subtitle, I’m sure there are some that have never heard that phrase that I used or don’t really know what it means. So let’s start from the ground up. What’s a robo advisor?

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