Family Unity – How do you Create it and How do you Sustain it?: An Family Office Association Podcast with Gary Shunk

[note]Family Unity – How do you Create it and How do you Sustain it? with Angelo J. Robles[/note]

In Part 13 of the Family Office Association Podcast Audio Series, Angelo J. Robles is joined by Gary Shunk as they discuss family unity. You can either read the transcription or listen to the podcast and learn more.

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Angelo Robles: Hello everyone. This is Angelo Robles at Family Office Association. Thank you all for joining us today on our Family Office Association audio podcast, “family unity: how do you create it and how do you sustain it?” We are very fortunate to be joined by truly one of the great thinkers globally in the community on this subject, Gary Shunk.

Gary is a private family advisor and organizational consultant. He consults nationally with families in business, legacy families, and family offices. His expertise focuses on the family and emotional dynamics that accompany affluence as well as the business environment. He assist families in facilitating conversations that lead to successful shared decision making supporting family cohesion and harmony over multiple generations. Gary, how are you?

Gary Shunk: I am very good, Angelo. I am looking forward to our conversation.

Angelo: Thank you, and so do I. Let us get right to it. The title, “Family unity: How to create it and how to sustain it.” What do you mean by family unity?

Gary: Almost immediately what I want to say is what would be the opposite of unity? Of course, that is disunity. Disunity is when families are disconnected. There are two ways that families can be disconnected. They can be overly involved and in each other’s space, and interfering with each other. Or, they can be disconnected or detached, and have a sense of – they may not speak to each other but once a year. Or, they may just speak to each other when they absolutely have to.

Disunity is – anyway, that is a beginning thought. What unity is and healthy unity is particular in interest in how I serve families. Healthy unity is when a family is free to be its individual selves just as they are with many differences. What family unity ends up looking like is there is a sense of freedom. There is a sense of openness. There is a sense of encouragement and investment in each other as a family. What the family shares in. The end game of family unity is it creates flourishing. Flourishing just allows each of the individuals to rise to the levels that they seek to with the family supporting them in a unified way.

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