Q/A: The Family Farm and the Modern Global Family

[note]A Q&A with Charles Lowenhaupt, Chairman/CEO, Lowenhaupt Global Advisors[/note]


Q: Why are you now talking about family farms?

Q: What kinds of families are interested in family farms?

Q: What kind of nancial performance should one expect from a family farm?

Q: How important are the other, non- nancial bene ts?

Q: How does it build family harmony and legacy?

Q: You also mentioned it is important to reinforce values. How so?

Q: Why do you think it is so important that families operate a state-of-the art farm and what is the relationship of investment in agricultural technology?

Q: What kind of challenges should wealth holders expect when they own a family farm?

Q: You’re a strong advocate of applying state-of-the-art technology to the farm. Why?

Q: Why are more advisors not talking about family farms?

Q: What made you so interested in this topic?

Family Office Association: why are you now talking about family farms?

CAL: The modern family, by de nition global, is looking for investments which at once provide economic value and return and which help the family establish or preserve harmony, legacy, and functionality. A “family farm” can help the family achieve all those purposes when strategically considered and operated. It can help a family de ne its “place” in community and can bring the family together around activities and purposes which encourage harmony.

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Author: Family Office Association Support
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