The Power of Family Culture in SFOs

The Power of Family Culture in SFOs

Understanding the Influence of Family Culture in SFOs

In the second half of the 20th Century corporate executives began to see something that had not been seen before. They noticed that often their initiatives would fail to take root in their organizations. With the increasing complexity of business environments, shifting markets and rapidly changing technology, their companies had to pivot much more quickly and much more frequently than ever before. Yet many companies couldn’t make the shifts required. Strategies that looked stellar on paper at senior levels simply wouldn’t work on the shop floor. Employees would ostensibly follow orders but something mysterious would go terribly wrong and the initiatives would sputter and die. When this was studied, it was discovered that about 80% of major strategic initiatives failed. Those who were paying attention to such things began to understand that the mystery had something to do not with the individuals in the company, but in the very way these individuals were assembled, how they organized themselves and most importantly with the intangible beliefs, values, attitudes and other intangible attributes they shared. They came to call this mysterious force “corporate culture”. This was a radically new way of looking at group behavior. One of the first to understand the power of organizational culture was the famed business consultant Peter Drucker who is said to have said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”


Family Culture in SFOs Topics

This paper takes an indepth look at existing family cultures, culture trends and methods for effectively shifting the culture of an existing family SFO.

  • What Doesn’t Work
  • The Persistence of Family Culture
  • The Tribal Nature of Families
  • The Impact of Wealth on Family Culture in SFOs
  • How to Shift Family Culture
  • Unlocking Moral Imagination
  • The Next Step: Core Competencies
  • Outcomes
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