Culture and Leadership: An Family Office Association Podcast with Tim Kight

Culture and Leadership: An Family Office Association Podcast with Tim Kight

Culture and Leadership with Angelo J. Robles

In Part 9 of the Family Office Association Podcast Audio Series, Angelo J. Robles is joined by Tim Kight as they discuss the culture and leadership. You can either read the transcription or listen to the podcast and learn more.

Transcript Preview:

Angelo Robles: Hello, everyone. This is Angelo Robles at Family Office Association, welcome today to our Family Office Association audio podcast. We are truly fortunate to be joined today by Tim Kight. Tim is an expert on issues pertaining to culture and leadership. Tim Kight is the founder and president of Focus 3, a firm whose mission is to help companies around the world align the power of leadership, culture and behavior to achieve next-level results. He’s a dynamic communicator. He focuses on critical factors that distinguish great organizations from average. He delivers a powerful message on the mind sight and skills at the heart of individual and organizational performance. Most recently, Tim has worked closely with Coach Urban Meyer at Ohio State football, as the Buckeyes’ leadership coach. His work with Ohio State has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and ESPN. Tim is the author of several high impact training programs, the R Factor, Lead Now, the Power of Culture, Winning and Attitude Matters.

Tim, how are you?

Tim: Doing great, Angelo. Thanks for having me on today. I appreciate it.

Angelo: We are honored to have you on the call to give our audience a little bit of insight. I was at a conference in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. Being the family man that I am, of course, I’m reading books! So, being a big sports fan, one of the books I downloaded was Coach Urban Meyer’s recent book, the legendary and wonderfully successful coach currently at Ohio State football. And, Tim was certainly featured many, many times in the book. And, his principles, many of them were taken up by Coach Meyer, who already had tremendous success, but realizes that sometimes you do have to adapt and apply new techniques and always be learning. And, that’s going to be one of the questions we’re going to ask Tim. You know, do you ever really reach the top of the mountain? I’m assuming if you’re staying still, that means you’re slowly going backwards. Those will be things that we’ll touch on. Let’s set a strong foundation for the call, Tim, and we’re so happy that you’re joining us today. A sense of purpose, a goal, something to strive for, is that important?

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