Family Office Association Keynote: Walter O’Brien, Computer Services

Family Office Association Keynote: Walter O’Brien Discusses Cyber Security

The keynote address at the 2014 Family Office Association Spring Global Summit was given by Scorpion Computer Services founder Walter O’Brien, It began as a glimpse into NASA’s website to download the shuttle blueprints earned the 13-year-old child prodigy a visit from NASA for entering their system.

At age 16, The Bank of London invited him to test the program for bank wires and transfers, and he was able to divert the money.  Even NASA became one of his biggest clients. Scorpion Computer Services meets the need of entities such as governments and militaries.

But O’Brien was to fill another need based on what he calls his ambiguity triangle. In the middle of the triangle are a bunch of fuzzy ideas, hypotheses and concepts that members of the private sector have come up with. But there was no time to flesh them out, look into. You don’t know what they cost or if there even feasible. So the ideas sit dormant for years. This led O’Brien to create for the private sector. They come in, research and answer or those questions. It basically opens the Scorpion think tank to the public.