2014 Family Office Association Spring Global Summit: Keynote Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison is the Founder and CEO of Charity Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean, safe drinking water to developing companies.

He tells of his fascinating journey from the son of middle classed parents as he watched the devastating of carbon monoxide on his mother through his days of rebellion as he promoted the New York nightlife making money by bringing in beautiful people and selling booze.  The more beautiful the people, the higher the charge, the more profit he made.

But 10 years of this life left him spiritually bankrupt. So he began working with charities, accompanying doctors to Africa as they performed life-changing surgeries on people with horrifying growths and disfigurement. And he discovered that most of the medical problems stemmed from 1 common problem – dirty water. Children were drinking out of swamps. There was no clean water available because it was underground with no way to bring it up.

So Scott began Charity Water, an effort to bring clean water to everyone. You can help by reaching out to Scott@CharityWater.org