Risk Management Best Practices

Sam Won, Managing Director, GRMA will provide family offices with a better understanding of the key elements that constitute sound and institutional quality risk management.

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Online Reputation, Families Beware: Anti-Social Media

online reputation

Leading expert, Amber Melville-Brown of Withers Bergman shares her insights in online reputation management for families of great wealth – from social media guidelines to damage control solutions.

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Playing the Long Game, Part 2

In part 2 of Playing the Long Game, Matt Wesley focuses on the End Game and the different ways get there. Cook the goose and serve it? Care for the goose and enjoy the eggs? Or use the eggs to buy more geese?

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Playing the Long Game: In the Beginning

Matt Wesley tells the story of “Bob and Mary Campbell”, a couple who worked hard for their wealth and want to pass it on to their children and grandchildren in a responsible way – one that doesn’t lead to ‘trust fund babies’ or dissension.

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Family Office Succession Success

Family Office Succession

Kirby Rosplock and Barbara Hauser discuss how to create a succession plan – the pitfalls to avoid and the secret to success.

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