Product – Handbook: Sovereign Risk

family offices & sovereign risks

It can take one day of something going terribly wrong… To destroy what you’ve built over decades. 
Nelson Rockefeller articulated: “I am a great believer in planning – economic, social, political, military, total world planning.”
The number one challenge to UHNW Single and Multi-Family Offices is the dependence on digital asset management platforms, the internet, private fiber networks, and data centers, and the corresponding dependence on cloud networks and power grids across North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.  
These systems are not just not secure from cyber attacks nor resilient but the vast majority of family offices’ threat protection, resiliency, and governance risk and compliance does not account for the networks being not available, nor inaccessible, inoperable, and repairable. 
This is the number one risk facing everyone across family offices, wealth management, and asset protection and in building a more resilient future for family asset preservation. Because the majority of strategies assume power will be available and restored within days and weeks of a natural and /or man-made black swan event which eliminates power and compromises critical national infrastructure.
The statistical likelihood is too high to ignore that will create catastrophic and cascading risks across financial systems and their digital supply chains along with continental level collapse in medical, food, transportation, logistics, and key resources and coordination of groups of talented teams which can assess and restore power. 
Therefore, wealth preservation strategies, wealth transfer, forensic proof of ownership, conveyance, management, growth and transformation and protection, and the continuous operation of a family office are all at grave risk due to the systemic risks now maturing in likelihood and elevating in impact because of how interconnected our digital supply chains, physical supply chains, and financial systems are now and their mutual dependency and the extension of risk they pose to each other because of how disconnected and overextended they are and the total lack of preparedness by governments and family offices on assessing their true risks on national critical infrastructure failure and especially their continuous operations, access, interoperability, scalability, and availability.   



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