From Wind to Water:A Survey of Opportunities in the Energy Market Today

From Wind to Water-A Survey of Opportunities in the Energy Market Today

This edition of the Family Office Association Newsletter features insights on opportunities in the energy market by Timothy O. Anderson


Over the last 10 years world demand for oil has grown 1.76% per year, leading many investors to question the sustainability of oil as an energy source. The understanding that oil is a non-renewable resource, and that it may indeed be running out, as many of the largest oil fields in the world are , has prompted many investors to consider alternatives to traditional fossil fuel energies and turn to more sustainable and environmentally friendly sources.

nwsltr_energyThese alternatives include solar power, wind power and emerging technologies that convert other fossil fuels to liquid petroleum. These forms of energy generation are constantly undergoing technological advancement that results in more efficient and cost effective power generation. However, solar, wind and conversion are not the only investment opportunities available in the marketplace today; others include water, energy infrastructure in the form of Master Limited Partnerships and energy-related emerging technologies. These opportunities provide investors with a myriad of ways to become involved in energy-related investment, yet understanding which opportunity has the most potential, is most environmentally friendly, or suits your investment profile best can be a challenging task in a constantly evolving sector. Recognizing this challenge, The Family Office Association, with co-chairs, LLBH Group Private Wealth Management and The Royal Bank of Scotland organized The Family Office Associa on Energy Investing Summit (7/21/2009) to demystify the energy markets.

This paper will draw upon the presentations and discussions from industry leaders at the Energy Investing Summit to explore the state of the oil markets today. Then we will explain the theory of peak oil and evaluate what is really occurring in the oil markets. Ultimately we will explore alternative opportunities, ranging from solar and wind to the emerging markets of emissions credits, and how you can profit from them.


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