Newt Gingrich to Present Family Office Association Martha’s Vineyard Keynote

The 2016 election has turned politics on its head. From the Democratic confrontation between Sanders and Clinton to the drama of the recent Republican National Convention, this election has been nothing if not interesting.

Gingrich was rumored to be on the short-list for Trump’s vice presidential pick, and continues to be a thought leader and active presence in the Republican Party leadership, including a strong social media showing on Twitter: @newtgingrich. 

Offering a reasoned conservative voice, Gingrich continues to uphold conservative values while denouncing racism and hatred:



We are pleased to welcome Mr. Gingrich to the Family Office Association 2016 Martha’s Vineyard Summer Retreat where he will share with Family Office Association members his unique insights on the 2016 election, derived on his experience as a politician as well as his deep knowledge as a historian.

Former Speaker of the House, author, intellectual and historian, Newt Gingrich provide insights into the 2016 Presidential Election in an intimate setting with Family Office Association members at the 2016 Martha’s Vineyard Summer Retreat.



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