Mindset Partnership

About Mindset Partnership


Mindset’s team is made up of talented experts who not only have fantastic coaching and business skills but also have strong intervention and multi-disciplinary skills including; Tony Robbins Master Trainer status; NLP and Hypnotherapy Master Trainer Certifications, Landmark Training as well as other coaching certifications and strong real-world credentials and experience.

Joelle Jarvis


Joelle Jarvis is the founder of Mindset Partnership. Mindset Coaching was created in association with the Family Office Association, specifically designed for leaders, many of whom are responsible for maintaining the integrity of significant investments, reassuring their investors, inspiring founders, managing a Family Office, as well as maintaining sanity, stability, and balance for their families.

Emily Donaldson De Voto, PhD


Emily Donaldson De Voto, PhD works with Joelle Jarvis and the Mindset Partnership. Emily has over 25 years of coaching high-performance individuals and teams.  She understands the pressures of high-stakes, visionary leadership and what it takes to manage all that’s involved with running a highly successful business and Family Office, as well as, maintaining sanity, stability and balance for family…and how to get fulfillment through all of it. Emily lets her decades of real-world experience, her tenure as a Master Trainer and Performance Results Coach for Tony Robbins, and her other coach certifications and trainings, inform her coaching philosophy.