iGlobe Partners

Soo Boon Koh
Founder & Managing Partner 


Asia office: 11 Biopolis Way, Helios #09-03, Singapore 138667
US office: 4051 Burton Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054
About iGlobe Partners
Established in December 1999, iGlobe identifies companies in early growth stages with emerging technologies and innovations that will become game-changers. It sources start-ups from Silicon Valley and brings them through Singapore as a gateway to Asia. Hence, even in the early stage of development of these start-ups, iGlobe expands its potential markets globally, thereby increasing the value of the start-ups with better revenue generation and market addressability.
As an example, iGlobe identified the potential of Unity Technologies at its early period in 2011 and led the Series B round amidst competition from 11 other larger US VCs at that time. It earned the respect of Sequoia Capital (Series A lead of Unity) and the Unity’s founding team. iGlobe’s unique track record of having brought firms to Asia over the past years gave it that credibility, with Unity Technologies which it brought to Singapore, as a gateway to Asia.
iGlobe often co-invests with major US VC firms such as Sequoia Capital, Arch Ventures, DCM Capital, Lux Capital, Qualcomm Ventures etc. which have found immense value in iGlobe’s ability to identify and understand the potential value of the start-ups and develop them. iGlobe invests in Silicon Valley firms and brings them to Asia. Similarly, it brings Singapore firms to expand in the region as well, making Singapore the gateway for these firms.