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About Corporate Digital Membership

Family Office Association (Family Office Association) is a global membership organization dedicated to families of exceptional wealth and their single family offices. We are committed to creating value for each family/SFO that we serve; value that grows their wealth, strengthens their legacy, and unites multiple generations through shared interests and passions. We do this through proprietary research and hosting exclusive and intimate national events at world-class destinations that connect our membership with experts and industry thought leaders like you. Our events create face-to-face opportunities to build trust and spark lasting and beneficial relationships with the wealthiest families in the world.

Family Office Association Corporate Digital Membership enables you to get involved in our online Family Office Association community. We have listened to our member families who have asked for more online resources and tools from trusted corporate partners. To fulfill their request we’ve created a special Digital Membership for approved corporate partners. If you think your company meets the criteria, we encourage you to apply for digital corporate membership!

Digital Membership Benefits

  • Access to all our proprietary research, including white papers and podcasts
  • Receive quarterly Family Office Association reports of UHNW family surveys of interests and needs
  • Approved usage of the “Family Office Association Corporate Member” badge for your website
  • Submit white papers for consideration. If accepted we will distribute and promote to our membership (Subject to review approval based on quality of content, writing, etc)
  • Post approved materials and resources on our private member network
  • Be included our Digital Corporate directory – a resource for our global families to find trusted partners
  • Family Office Association Help Desk Access



A Letter from our CEO

As someone working with ultra-high net worth families, I saw first hand a “silo effect,” where families of great wealth were continuously struggling with the same problems as their peers. There was a reluctance to openly share knowledge, best practices and solutions for fear of compromised privacy. In 2008, I founded Family Office Association to create an exclusive and highly private community where we could harness the collective knowledge of member families to help overcome these challenges. Now, eight years later, Family Office Association has fostered one of the most prominent, beneficial, private membership groups of prosperous families in the world.

We are committed to creating value for each family we serve; value that enhances wealth, strengthens legacy, and unites multiple generations across business, investment, and shared interests and passions. Family Office Association has the resources to solve families’ most trying challenges and help achieve collective goals: to invest intelligently, give strategically, and learn exponentially.

Our member families enjoy the benefits of education, proprietary content, exclusive forums and access to influential leaders and speakers across relevant industries. Family Office Association provides the tools necessary to organize, multiply, and distribute family wealth, to the advantage of current and future generations. We have assembled a respected community of well-positioned specialists to address the array of member needs with expediency, precision, and conviction.

To us, the growth of Family Office Association tells the whole story. Beginning as a Greenwich-based group of fifteen families, we are now proud to include hundreds of global members. As our membership has multiplied, so has the breadth of member-driven content. As always, we’re devoted to the service and privacy of our members.

As we’ve grown there has been increased demand for online access to our rich content. To meet this growing interest, we’ve created our Digital Membership. As you explore the benefits of Digital Membership please reach out to me with questions or suggestions. We’re always looking to provide more value to our Members.



Angelo J Robles, Founder & CEO




Family Office Association Digital Membership

The annual fee for Digital Membership is $2,000 and includes all benefits listed above.

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