Colored Diamonds for SFOs: A Rock-Solid Alternative Investment

Authors: Angelo J. Robles, Family Office Association, and Alan Bronstein, President, Aurora Gems Inc. and VP of Natural Color Diamond Association

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Colored Diamonds for SFOs: A Rock-Solid Alternative Investment

Wealthy investors and financial institutions around the globe have cause to be concerned about the safety of their financial assets, as the leading G8 central banks race to maintain whilst adding ever-increasing liquidity into the system – which does little to cure the more critical issue, namely the sovereign solvency problem (a.k.a. the sovereign debt crisis). What we are facing is not a liquidity issue, it’s a solvency problem.

As a result, most nations increasingly have begun to look upon “the people’s financial assets” as economic property of the state: Cyprus is the most recent country to toy with taxing wealthy depositors. Germany and the European Central Bank have been aware of this option, and Swiss banking regulators considered “just taking money out of client accounts” two years ago, to save the Swiss banking system.

In a world where financial assets could conceivably be confiscated, the ultimate insurance play is in real assets: precious metals, real estate, land, and diamonds, to name a few. This white paper explores the latter option—particularly colored diamonds, also known as “fancies”—which offer the most portable solution for investors seeking to diversify their real asset holdings and insure their wealth against potential future financial meltdowns and political upheaval.

Colored Diamonds Topics Covered

  • Supply and Demand
  • Alternative Investment
  • Allocation
  • Caveat Emptor
  • The Four Cs: Carats, Clarity, Cut and Color
  • Conclusions

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