Avoiding Costly Family Litigation

family litigation

It’s an unfortunate consequence of wealth that it occasionally causes conflict within the family that escalates to family litigation. In working with families of great wealth, I’ve seen my fair share of problems that, from the outside, seemed easily resolvable but resulted in years (yes, years) of lawyers, depositions and costly legal fees. But what […]

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Inside Family Office Association Martha’s Vineyard 2016

We are pleased to share with you an inside look at our 2016 retreat at Martha’s Vineyard. This year our member families gathered for an intimate event with sessions and activities. We were blessed with unbelievably beautiful weather and great people. If you’re curious about what our events are like hear directly from our community in their […]

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SFVP Video 1 Released: Sense of Purpose

We are pleased to announce the release of the Successful Families Video Project, Video 1: Sense of Purpose. In this video moderator Angelo J. Robles is joined by expert panelists to discuss the driving purpose behind successful families. Learn more about the ethos that drives families with a common mission. What lives at the intersection of […]

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Announcing the Successful Families Video Project

We are pleased to announce the release of our Successful Families Video Project – a six-part video series with 14 of the world’s leading experts on single family office best practices. Our panelists came together with host Angelo Robles to discuss the most timely topics in sustaining family harmony and working towards success. The resulting […]

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