The Beneficient Company Group

Jeff Welday, CIMA, Managing Director
Global Head of Originations & Distribution

The Beneficient Company Group, LP:

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Welcome to The Beneficient Company Group, L.P., Ben for short. Ben provides unique products and services that offer valued liquidity and trusted solutions, including the financing and purchasing of alternative assets and comprehensive administration services for owners of alternative assets. Our products can also support tax and estate planning objectives, facilitate diversification of assets, or simply provide administrative management and reporting solutions tailored to the goals of the investor.

Our suite of innovative products and services was developed to effectively serve high net worth individuals, institutions, and their asset managers, and the executives and owners of private companies financed by alternative asset managers.


We're Ben

We’re Ben and we seek to deliver a simple, rapid, and cost-effective way for individual and smaller institutional investors to exchange their alternative assets before their lock-up period ends. 

Richard W. Fischer

Richard W. Fischer, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Ben Board member “The alternative asset investment and financial services industry has evolved to serve large institutional investors but has neglected to provide individuals and smaller institutions the same avenues for liquidity and services.”

Our Senior Partner Director and former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Richard W. Fisher, believes that Ben will be an important contributor to the U.S. economy by serving traditionally overlooked individual and smaller institutional investors.

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Hypothetical Case Study

In a hypothetical case study, Ben explores how difficult it can be to exit an alternative investment for an individual investor. Unexpected life events can change an investor’s plans, but Ben is here to help.

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