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Enjoy 24/7 content, resources, and expertise along with several live weekly sessions on a variety of topics that will interest you and your family office. 

Please note: live events have been replaced during the current global crisis with several online sessions each week. We’ve gone from hosting a dozen events a year to more than 150! See below for full benefits. 



Become an active member in the most respected and active global brand in the single family office community – even during COVID19.


COVID19 has accelerated the inevitable digital transition and has highlighted the things single family offices should have been doing all along – stress testing, adapting, becoming more digital AND anti-fragile. 


At the Family Office Association, we help our member families and their single family offices evaluate future outcomes, prepare for intergenerational necessity, understand their vulnerabilities, and become more resilient and anti-fragile in order to thrive in crisis. 

“The rules of community and global engagement as well as ‘risk-reward’ are changing rapidly, the single family office may need to radically change to stay relevant to the needs of the family members and adapt to the evolving needs of the rising generation within the family. Massive opportunity exists for those families and their single family offices that start the shift now, versus waiting. Many single family offices will find that their current playbook doesn’t work optimally anymore.”

– Angelo Robles, Family Office Association 

$599/month for individuals


  • We host MULTIPLE times PER week live private Zoom video webcasts dedicated to our members, addressing the most pressing issues of today and interviewing extraordinary thought leaders.
  • Q&A active participation with me and our thought leader guests on the video webcasts. You have a say! I can announce you and your question (incoming via chat feature) or allow you, the participant, to directly ask.
  • Every other week we also host our Zoom video MasterMind Series. NO Guests. Simply me, you, and your family/family office peers. We share questions, answers, and best practices.
  • Invitations to our live and pre-recorded multi-hour Masterclasses on Creating a Generationally Thriving Anti-Fragile Family Office, Family Offices 101 and many others upcoming this year.
  • Online access to the community’s most in-depth and wide breadth resource center that gives you access to our thought leadership, proprietary research, expert advice, how-to manuals, and ready-to-use tools and templates.
  • Access to our online 24/7 member communication portal for posing questions to fellow family office members and Resource Council Thought Leaders and holding ad-hoc chats within the security of our closed community. This is a beautifully designed and powerful communication platform.
  • Members receive a $2,500 credit on our Consultative Services. I help global families and their family offices solve problems, procure positive future outcomes, and prepare for intergenerational necessity. My experience with some of the wealthiest families in the world has allowed me to distill best practices for discovering purpose and refining the vision, governance, structures, systems, processes, and culture that successful families and their ‘safeguard’ family office need in order to thrive. I help families create or reinvent their family office to be of institutional quality and highly adaptive. My process engages all generations in the family and focuses on designing a generationally dynamic family office of people/systems/technologies that aligns the desires and capabilities of the rising generation and is able to triumph over challenges. I offer my consultative proprietary knowledge and resources, incorporating: generational collaboration, globally dynamic wealth preservation concepts and structures, onshore and offshore family office entities, and the intertwinement of family office structures with family-owned private banks, family-owned insurers, and internal family-owned VC companies.

*Live events are currently suspended until it is deemed safe for gatherings. Small group gatherings may be held based on the recommendations of health officials. 

$1099/month for individuals


  • All Basic Benefits +
  • 8 hours of Consulting Service of your choice
  • Annual Martha's Vineyard Summer Retreat*
  • Annual Art Basel Miami Member Gathering*
  • Invitations with a guest to ALL Private Dinners/Gatherings in Palo Alto, Miami, Puerto Rico, Boston, San Francisco, New York City, the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard, Los Angeles, and Newport Beach*
  • Small Group Roundtables (when feasible)

*Live events are currently suspended until it is deemed safe for gatherings. Small group gatherings may be held based on the recommendations of health officials. 

We Have the Highest Quality Speakers

We attract the highest quality speakers to our events. Speakers have included John Paulson, James Woosley, General Wesley Clark, Steve Cohen, Peter Diamandis, Howard Milstein, Marc Lasry, Caryn Davies, Michael Gleb, John AMaaral, Jeremy Grantham, Marcus Frampton, Admon Contos, Peter Schiff, Adam Robinson, Dan Pallotta, Dave McClure, Tiki Barber, Sam Zell, Sal Khan, Lance Armstrong, Dr. David Nabarro, Mike Milken, Andre Agassi, Peter Thiel and more!

Tony Robbins

Author & speaker

Ray Dalio

billionaire hedge fund manager & philanthropist

Paul Tudor

Billionaire Hedge Fund


former speaker of
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Kathy Ireland

model, entrepreneur &