Announcing the Successful Families Video Project

We are pleased to announce the release of our Successful Families Video Project – a six-part video series with 14 of the world’s leading experts on single family office best practices. Our panelists came together with host Angelo Robles to discuss the most timely topics in sustaining family harmony and working towards success. The resulting videos are a “must-watch” for anyone in the SFO industry.

Robles on why he created the project:

As someone working with ultra-high net worth families, I saw first hand a “silo effect,” where families of great wealth were continuously struggling with the same problems in their single family offices as their peers. There was a reluctance to openly share knowledge, best practices and solutions for fear of compromised privacy. In 2008, I founded Family Office Association to create an exclusive and highly private community where we could harness the collective knowledge of member families to help overcome these challenges. Now, eight years later, Family Office Association has fostered one of the most prominent, beneficial, private membership groups of prosperous families in the world.

The Successful Families Video Project was the natural next step – to begin to capture the knowledge and expertise of our community of families, single family offices and global thought leaders. These videos are valuable resources for those who aren’t able to attend our live events. We were privileged to be joined by a truly impressive group of panelists, each an expert in his/her field. The open panel format enabled discussions and back-and-forth that we believe created rich conversations. We hope that the #Family Office AssociationSFVS serves to spark conversations among our members and the SFO community at large.


The videos will be released monthly over the course of the next six months.

Learn more about the project here:


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