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Family Members and SFO Executives

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Fund Managers, Advisors & Service Providers

About the Program

This intimate gathering of 15 families/single family offices is dedicated to the immersive experience of sharing in our research, faculty-led discussions and collaborative learning among peers of family and family office for best ideas and practices.  

Tuesday, January 21st: 

The Very Near Future Family Office: Intergenerational Necessity, Vulnerabilities, Resilience and Thriving;

Part One: Resiliency and Anti Fragility  

Becoming Anti Fragile  

Neurocognitive tests and skills development to improve decision-making and collaboration  

Character, Humility Resiliency and Grit  

Incorporating Millennials and shared economy thinking into the family office for evolving culture and enhancing results  

Part Two: Answering Your Questions  

Accepted registrants will be sent a pre-event survey for me to better understand the wants, needs, and concerns – on the vulnerabilities of the attendees, and to customize aspects of the Masterclass around your questions, concerns, and vulnerabilities as a truly interactive Masterclass around what’s most important to you.  

Answering your questions and roundtable discussion on pre-event survey wants, needs and concerns  

Part Three: Investing  

The changing world of investing for family offices: addressing intergenerational shifts, investing for impact, technology and the age-old beta versus alpha, internal or external?  

Part Four: Tax and Asset Protection  

Global Family Office & Family Holding Company Strategies  

Turbo-Charged Best-In-Class Estate Planning Techniques  

Asset Protection Trusts and Start-Over Funds  

Global Best-In-Class Family Office Structures  

Advanced Marital Planning  

Join this exclusive and highly private community of peers with unique opportunities to network with successful families and thought leaders.