This event is an open event for professionals interested in working with Single Family Offices and the families they serve. 

About the Program

Hosted by Angelo Robles and Russ Alan Prince.

The number of super-rich families (net worth > US$500M) and single family offices is booming globally and the amount of wealth they control is growing precipitously. To succeed in the increasingly competitive field of professional serving ultra-high net worth families and their SFOs requires connecting with decision makers. This two-day workshop will provide actionable methods to create a strong network.

Workshop attendees will receive copies of “The High-functioning Single-family Office: A Primer for Family Members and Senior Management,” by Russ Alan Prince and Richard J. Flynn, and “Become the Expert the Wealthy Want: How to Acquire New Affluent Clients with Thought Leadership,” by Russ Alan Prince 

Workshop Attendance - $500/ticket

Limited seating available on a first come, first served basis. Please click below to reserve your seat. 


Please note, speakers and sessions are subject to change prior to the event. Agenda updates will be emailed to participants. 

“The Evolving World of the Super-Rich and Single-Family Offices” by Angelo Robles, FOA. The session will provide an overview of the worlds of the super-rich and single-family offices. Very importantly, the ecosystem will be described.

“Become the Expert the Super-Rich and Single-Family Offices Want” by Evan Jehle, FFO Business Management & Family Office. To cultivate wealthy families and single family offices, it is essential to be a recognized specialist – a renowned thought leader. This session will explain three approaches to becoming the experts the super-rich and single-family offices want. 

“Living to 120: The Steps You Need to Take to Ensure a Very Long and Healthy Life” By Daniel Carlin, M.D. Dr Carlin will explain the three steps you need to take to significantly increase the probability of living a healthy and long life. 

“Intergenerational Collaboration and Conversation Series: An Interactive Conversation Around the Family Elders and Communication and Collaboration Among the All the Generations”

“Leading Millennial Event Planner and Consultant Discusses How You Can Host Events and Galas for the Super Rich and Family Offices”

“Sourcing the Super-Rich and Single Family Offices Through Associations, Conclaves, and Elite Mastermind and CEO Groups” by Ellie Peters, FFO Business Management & Family Office. Learn techniques and the supporting research to leverage this approach to reaching the super-rich and single-family offices.

“Framing Your Expertise” by Russ Alan Prince. Being able to communicate the value you deliver is essential. Unfortunately, many providers fail to craft a powerful message. Strategies for more effectively framing your expertise will be discussed. 

“Creating a Pipeline of New Super-Rich Families and Single-Family Office Clients Through Strategic Partnerships” by Russ Alan Prince Incorporating information and insights from previous sessions, attendees will learn to build strategic partnerships with other professionals. The objective is to be able to identify high-caliber professionals and motivate them to consistently refer their best clients to you.