About the Family Office Masterclass

Join us for an intensive two-day program of interactive workshops, distilling decades worth of learning for creating an effective family office.

Family offices have specialized needs and face unique challenges. Our focused program brings you best practices and industry secrets that enable you to take your family office to the next level of innovation, resilience and success.

Small group sessions encourage open discussions, sharing, and hands-on interaction with expert instructors, as well as other family office members and executives. This intimate setting enables peer networking, which is every bit as valuable as the program agenda.

The intimate setting of this Family Office Masterclass fosters real discussion and learning among peers under the guidance of experts.

Family Office Masterclass
Sea Island Agenda


Angelo Robles

Founder and CEO of the Family Office Association

Mr. Robles is a trusted advisor to the international community of high net worth families and their single family offices, with a reputation for helping grow wealth, strengthen legacy, and unite multiple generations of successful families.


Ellie Peters

Single Family Office Board Member and Wealth Advisor, LVW Flynn

Ms. Peters is a next generation board member of her family’s single family office and is a wealth advisor at LVW Flynn, which provides advisory solutions for wealthy individuals, families and non-profit institutions.


Trish Botoff

Founder, Botoff Consulting

Ms. Botoff is a compensation and benefits expert, specializing in working with family business enterprises, family offices, wealth management firms, foundations and other non-profit organizations.

Vance Syphers

Vance Syphers

Founder & Chairman, Wealth Preservation Group, LLC

Mr. Syphers is the founder and managing member of Wealth Preservation Group, LLC a registered advisory firm.