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2019 National Summit in Los Angeles

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October, Private Family Gathering, NYC

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Family Office Association is an exclusive membership organization for the wealthiest families in the world. In our private community, members share with and learn from peers with the utmost regard for privacy. We provide the highest quality events, tools, and resources for our members to connect and create lasting value.

Live Events

Our exclusive live events are famous in the industry for bringing together thought leaders, families and executives.

Valuable Research

Our Knowledge Center contains proprietary, industry-leading research including white papers, videos, podcasts and more.

Powerful Community

We strive to create a community with an atmosphere of privacy and trust that enables connections, opportunities and growth.

Best Practices

Family Office Association is a leader in providing best practices tools and learning sessions for single family offices.

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Throughout the year, Family Office Association hosts a variety of events for families and their single family office executives. From formal learning experiences to more casual networking events, we create an atmosphere for trust and connections.


What sets the Family Office Association’s events apart are the truly remarkable speakers we attract. From investment legends to sports heroes, to non-profit and tech gurus, we create truly memorable events.


Family Office Association works with industry leaders to create valuable resources and research in the form of white papers, podcasts, Q&As, videos and more. Through our Knowledge Center, members have unlimited access ot it all.


The power of Family Office Association is its ability to connect MORE HERE…

We are pleased to offer our members a private online forum for sharing ideas, best practices and other resources. In this private setting, members can ask each other questions and weigh in with their own feedback. Members get email notifications when there are new responses to a question they asked or a conversation they are participating in. Please note, the member forum is not open to digital subscribers. Only approved Network, Family and Legacy members have access to the protected online forum.


Family Office Association offers a variety of membership options for approved individuals and families.
Click on a membership option to see which best suits the needs of your family.