FOA Member Introduction

This FOA member introduction video provides an overview of our exclusive member organization with an inside look at one of our well-known events, the FOA Spring Global Summit 2014 held at Westchester Country Club.

FOA members have access to industry-leading research from renowned speakers and authors. Full members attend our exclusive events and digital members gain access to event information after the fact, including papers, presentations, videos and newsletters.

We hope you’ll consider an FOA member after watching the video.

FOA Member Featured Speakers

FOA Spring Global Summit 2014 included speakers: Ted Neild, Peter Williams, Ambassador R. James Woolsey, David A. Daglio, Amber Melville-Brown, John Bailey, Rebecca Kantar, David Burstein, Angelo Robles, Walter O’Brien, Hank Root, Joshua Horowitz, Meredith Ogilvie-Thompson, Pablos Holman, General Wesley Clark, Thomas J. Handler, Sam Arnold, Christian Bailey, Brad Palmer, Howard Cooper, Marc Stern, Greg Coules, Ken Shubin-Stein, David Snow, Cate Ambros, Charles Lemonides, Temple Fennell, David G. Neeleman, Marc Halsema, Greg Simon, Mari Kuraishi, Jack Wyant, Mike Rothenberg, Kegan Schouwenburg, Greg Khan, Oren Bass, and Dan Pollatta,


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