Family Office Success and Grit

family office success

Experts Cindy Puccio, Matthew Kelly and Dr. Stephen Rudin take a deep dive into grit as a characteristic and help us unlock its power in contributing to professional success and family office success.

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Online Reputation, Families Beware: Anti-Social Media

online reputation

Leading expert, Amber Melville-Brown of Withers Bergman shares her insights in online reputation management for families of great wealth – from social media guidelines to damage control solutions.

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Greg Rand: Housing Impact through Fintech and Single Family Rental Investment

    Greg Rand is the founder and CEO of OwnAmerica, the leading broker in the single family residential space. OwnAmerica is a provider of acquisition, disposition and advisory services to institutional investors in the single family real estate market. Prior to founding OwnAmerica, Greg was managing partner at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, a […]

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Q/A: A Discussion of Reporting & Technology Trends for the Modern Family Office

A Discussion of Reporting & Technology Trends for the Modern Family Of ce
A Q&A with Rob Kaufold, Managing Partner of Carriage Partners, LLC Overview Q: There is a growing number of highly successful hedge fund, private equity and other financial investors that are contemplating creating their own single family office. They are sophisticated investors but are beginning to see the need for tailored internal accounting and reporting, as [...]

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