Q/A: SFOs Around the World

SFOs Around the World
A Q&A with Barbara Hauser OVERVIEW Q: Where around the world do you see great interest in families exploring to create an SFO? Q: Such families have options, global banks, private banks, MFOs, etc., why an SFO? Q: Why is governance important in creating an SFO? Q: How can families better go about creating SFO [...]

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Q/A: A Discussion of Reporting & Technology Trends for the Modern Family Office

A Discussion of Reporting & Technology Trends for the Modern Family Of ce
A Q&A with Rob Kaufold, Managing Partner of Carriage Partners, LLC Ovetview Q: There is a growing number of highly successful hedge fund, private equity and other financial investors that are contemplating creating their own single family office. They are sophisticated investors, but are beginning to see the need for tailored internal accounting and reporting, as [...]

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FOA Member Introduction

FOA Member introduction

This FOA member introduction video provides an overview of our exclusive member organization with an inside look at one of our well-known events, the FOA Spring Global Summit 2014 held at Westchester Country Club. FOA members have access to industry-leading research from renowned speakers and authors. Full members attend our exclusive events and digital members gain access […]

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