Inside FOA Martha’s Vineyard 2016


We are pleased to share with you an inside look at our 2016 retreat at Martha’s Vineyard. This year our member families gathered for an intimate event with sessions and activities. We were blessed with unbelievably beautiful weather and great people. If you’re curious about what our events are like hear directly from our community in their own words.

FOA events are enriching experiences that combine interesting and insightful sessions on a variety of topics like politics, technology, investment, startups and best practices.e Martha’s Vineyard event was an insightful and thought provoking program and included a special presentation by former Speaker of the House, politician, author and historian Newt Gingrich.

So welcome to an inside look at FOA!


Family Legacy VideosThe above video was produced by FOA Resource Council member Andy Greenspan of Docyoumentary. Docyoumentary produces high-quality biographical documentaries for individuals and families that preserve your legacy for the next generation.

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