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Membership Options for Individuals and Families

There are four tiers of Family Office Association Membership for individuals, families and SFOs: Friend, Digital Subscriber, Premium Member and Platinum Member. Please review the table and the descriptions that follow for a better understanding of each membership tier. Please note that your status (individual vs. family) does not dictate your membership level.

Digital Premium Platinum
Cost $2,040/yr $9,000/yr $16,500/yr
Research (white papers, videos, podcasts)
2 Annual Retreats
2 Annual Global Summits    
2 Annual Investment Forums
Private Dinner Invitations
Best Practices Symposiums
Online Consults
Phone Consults
In-person Consults  
Resource Council Access  
Family Office Association Member Badge  
Private online community forums  
Partner offers/pricing
Family Office Statistics Reports  
Dedicated Account Manager  
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Premium and Platinum Memberships are reserved for qualified and then vetted individual or families and their SFOs. Business services and advisors may join as a digital member or as a corporate partner for further engagement through our Resource Council. Please view the Corporate Partnership page for more details. 

Digital Subscriber

By popular demand, Family Office Association is offering a fully online subscription with its Digital Family Office Association Membership. Get access to our web platform and ALL our proprietary research. As a Digital Member you will receive access to our white papers, in-depth industry Q&As, audio podcasts, videos and more.

Family Office Association is a leading producer of quality content in the Single Family Office space, addressing topics like SFO best practices, investment advice, family culture, entrepreneurship, tax management, concentration risk, human resources for SFOs, geopolitical and jurisdictional risk, wealth transfer, succession management, estate planning, philanthropic giving and more.

With contributions for noted industry leaders, our research is of the highest quality and available only to Family Office Association members. Learn more about Digital Membership here.

Premium Membership

Family Office Association Premium Membership is limited to qualified individuals or families and their Single Family Offices or Firms. In addition to online access to our proprietary research, Premium Members receive invitations to our annual events in San Francisco, Miami, Palm Beach, Greenwich, New York City, Napa, Martha’s Vineyard and more. Events are hosted at five star hotels and exclusive country clubs around the country with activities like pool cabana parties, tennis and golf tournaments, sailing and more.

Premium Members receive personal invitations to private breakfasts, luncheons, cocktail hours, dinners and Jeffersonian-style chats hosted by our Resource Council.

Premium Members are also treated to family-only retreats in locations like Aspen and Vermont, creating intimate settings for multigenerational connecting. We strive to help our Premium Members foster multigenerational connections and deep family culture. We provide opportunities for face-to-face connections with industry thought leaders, sports icons, philanthropic leaders, investment gurus and more, providing unique and early opportunities for investment.

Due to the exclusivity of our events and the privacy of our family members,  each Premium Membership application must be pre-approved. Read more about Premium Membership here.

Platinum Membership

The Family Office Association’s Platinum SFO Membership is for executives at SFOs who recognize that long-term success requires continuous learning and innovation. Platinum partners don’t compare their organization to other, often poorly run family offices, instead they look to corporate leaders like Apple and Facebook as inspiration for achievement. We work closely with our Platinum members to provide individual analysis, attention, strategies and resources that will help turn your SFO into a world-class organization. Learn more about Platinum Membership here.

Matthew Wesley

There’s too much time spent on planning (the vast majority of such plans will fail no matter how sound), estate, tax, financial, etc., and FAR too little time spent on preparing the culture within successful families to adapt to the change desired generationally and in harmony.

Matthew Wesley / Founder, Wesley Group