Face-to-Face Connections

Gather together in exclusive settings in Greenwich, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Miami, Martha’s Vineyard, and Napa to discuss problem sets and pain points where your expertise can be the key to achieving the unique goals our members have before them.


Intimate Settings & Activities

The most successful symbiotic relationships begin with sharing a mutual experience. We foster deeper connection by way of small group outings for sailing, kayaking, race-car driving, wine tasting, unparalleled culinary delights, and other curated “peak moments.”


How Business Gets Done

FOA’s members join us to find productive ways to allocate their wealth — they don’t rest on their laurels and count their commas. We know which families focus on which sectors and they rely on us to make the right introductions to help propel growth.


Online Branded Pages

Distribute your resources and knowledge to our online community. Use your industry knowledge to co-author white papers that we will promote and distribute directly to our members’ inboxes.

Resource Council Partnership

Partnership Benefits

  • Invitations to intimate settings with qualified FOA members
  • The opportunity to host family-only events with your firm
  • Face-to-face networking opportunities around the country
  • Inclusion in our exclusive FOA directory of trusted providers
  • Co-author white papers that will will market to our extensive network


Mark Gerson & Tiki Barber

“We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process…attendees were very interesting, engaged and simply nice principals and family office professionals — with an atmosphere that was demonstrably conducive to serious conversation, business relationship origination and valuable idea exchange.”

Mark Gerson & Tiki Barber / Co-Founders / Thuzio

Adam Braun

“FOA was a phenomenal experience. The caliber of attendees was as good as it gets, and the people I met there were truly transformational for our organization. I would go back again and again.”

Adam Braun/ Founder / Pencils of Promise

Jason Isaacson

“[At FOA events] investment firms and the investor base get such intimate and direct interaction. Several FOA families have become an integral part of our LP base and more importantly they have become friends as a result of the FOA platform and events.”

Jason Isaacson / Founder / IP Capital Partners

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In order to ensure the quality of our partners and their value to our members, there are a limited number of partnerships available.

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FOA Partners Receive

  • Invitation to our two Seasonal Summits at the Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich, CT
  • Invitation to our annual Investment Forums in Palm Beach and San Francisco
  • Invitation to our Special Retreats in Miami, Martha’s Vineyard and Napa
  • Invitation to our annual Inner Circle Board Meeting where we analyze feedback from our member families to help you understand and better address their needs and interests
  • A branded online page in the FOA Resource Council director where you can share your content with our members
  • Two guest invitations for each FOA event (guests must be pre-approved)

Note: All corporate members must be pre-approved by FOA before admittance into our member organization. Invitations to private events (not listed here) and family-only events are reserved for elite members and are not included in the Partner Package.

FOA Partnership Details

Family Office Association (FOA) is a global membership organization dedicated to families of exceptional wealth and their single family offices. We are committed to creating value for each family/SFO that we serve; value that grows their wealth, strengthens their legacy, and unites multiple generations through shared interests and passions. We do this through proprietary research and hosting exclusive and intimate national events at world-class destinations that connect our membership with experts and industry thought leaders like you. Our events create face-to-face opportunities to build trust and spark lasting and beneficial relationships with the wealthiest families in the world.

As an FOA member, you will come face-to-face with some of the world’s wealthiest people in curated, intimate settings in Greenwich, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Miami, Martha’s Vineyard and Napa. You will be part of the conversation – a respected stakeholder in this privileged group. In an industry where all marketing looks the same, you will shine in private, intimate environments that foster conversations capable of seeding trust.

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Annual FOA Events


Seasonal Summits

These daylong enclaves are among the most ambitious, best-attended programs in the community. World-renowned speakers blend investment insight and thought leadership on the most relevant topics of the day to provide invaluable advice in a grand setting.


Investment Forums

Engage our members at two annual investment forums that explore the best opportunities in investing: hedge funds, private equity, real estate, co-investing, directs, crowd-funding, venture and startups/seeding. Attendees come eager to listen, learn and make new connections.


Family Retreats

Our multi-day family retreats bridge the generational gap and create a relaxed and fun atmosphere for building relationships. Is there a better way to bond with families and single family offices than playing golf in Miami, tasting wine in Napa Valley or sailing off of Martha’s Vineyard?