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Interest in SFOs has grown during the last twenty years with a new wave of worldwide wealth...

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FOA is where Performance meets Purpose....

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Past FOA Events in 2015

Enjoy a collection of pictures from the FOA Palm Beach, Miami and Spring Summit Events...

As a private membership organization we have directly served as a researcher and private peer forum, hundreds of global families of exceptional wealth and single family offices (SFOs) since 2008.

Through the participation and collaboration of families/SFOs like yours, FOA has become the preeminent source of information and guidance on how to manage your family's wealth, culture, philanthropy and legacy - through your single family office, and beyond.

Through the collective wisdom of member families, proprietary research-writing and the most exclusive global programming, we help you seize opportunity and break through challenges by vibrantly, dynamically, and proactively embracing the new, in addition to building on proven lessons from generations past. The need for clear direction and collective wisdom is greater than ever, in light of both the threats against and opportunities for your family's wealth and well-being today.

We are exclusive, with membership available on an invitation-only basis. Because we know that this organization flourishes when like meets like. When members are able to come together in confidence and comfort, knowing they share certain traits, characteristics, strengths, challenges, and experiences.


FOA Summer Retreat Martha's Vineyard

FOA is well aware that no one wants to be cooped up in a conference room (however amazing the Edgartown lighthouse views) all day while at one of the most beautiful summer destinations in the world...

View the Vineyard Recap

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Why You Should Consider a Direct Investing Investment Family Office

What You Can Learn from Master Investors Sid Bass and Richard Rainwater

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Question & Answer

When Mission Statements Do More Than Collect Dust

From the family offices' standpoint, they'd like to have the family develop a Mission Statement as evidence of what their tasks are going to be. But if the family has no experience working together, it won't be very useful.

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Whitepaper: The Power of Family Culture

There are very few families that sustain wealth into the fourth generation. Apparently sustaining wealth is at least as difficult as accumulating it. Well over 80% of the Forbes 500 is "new money" with only a few second generation family members represented on that list.

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Collaborative Research:
How Digital Currencies are Transforming Finance

A March 2015 report by Goldman Sachs concluded that Bitcoin is a 'mega-trend' and could shape the 'Future of Finance.'

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