Proprietary Research

FOA offers exclusive, proprietary research and content, internally and by the best vetted industry thought leaders on a variety of topics that will interest ultra-high net worth families and their SFOs.

Legendary Speakers

FOA attracts the highest quality global thought leaders and speakers across industries, giving you leading edge insights into new opportunities.

Exclusive Events

Our private retreats, investment forums and seasonal summits are among the most well-attended by member SFOs in the community. These invitation-only events attract notable families and speakers alike.

Unparalleled Resources

FOA provides its members with unequaled resources on family office best practices and the most comprehensive content and access in creating a family office and measuring results in restructuring an existing family office.

Family Office Association

Family Office Association (FOA) is a global membership community of successful families and single family offices. We are committed to creating value for each family and single family office that we serve; value that enhances wealth, strengthens legacy, and unites multiple generations by speaking to shared interests and passions. FOA provides the resources to solve your most difficult challenges and help you achieve your collective goals: to invest intelligently, give strategically, and learn exponentially.

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Legendary Speakers

Family Office Association attracts the highest caliber speakers at our events, providing fresh industry insights and introducing new opportunities for our members.



About Family Office Association

Family Office Association is the community leader in serving all the key imperatives for successful families, respecting your privacy but enabling an intimate community of global families like yours. Our organization delivers education, content and programming opportunities, proprietary research, and access to salient thought leadership that will interest all generations of your family.

In addition to the deepest and most unique content in the community, we host a variety of exclusive events for our highest level of membership. These include seasonal summits, investment forums and family retreats, with carefully selected speakers and presenters. In these intimate face-to-face settings you will be able to truly engage experts and get personal advice and opinions on the best way to capture opportunity.

Member Benefits

  • White papers on timely topics by noted authorities
  • Regular audio podcasts with industry leaders
  • Deep Q/As on the most relevant topics
  • Exclusive research on single family offices and successful families including SFO best practices and real results
  • Proprietary investment data and statistics
  • Access to our private online FOA Member Portal
  • A global community of hundreds of member families and SFOs just like yours
  • Special offers, pricing advantages and inside tips from leading global brands
  • Invitations to FOA events at exclusive global destinations


Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event
Single Family Office Event

Family Office Events

Family Office Association offers exclusive member-only events at elite locations throughout the world.

  • Greenwich
  • San Francisco
  • Palo Alto
  • Miami
  • Palm Beach
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • New York City
  • Napa
  • Switzerland
  • Puerto Rico
  • Aspen

Tiki Barber & Mark Gerson

“The attendees were, to a one, very interesting, engaged and simply nice principals and family office professionals — with an atmosphere that was demonstrably conducive to serious conversation, business relationship origination and valuable idea exchange.

Tiki Barber & Mark Gerson / Co-Founders / Thuzio

Carol O'Connell

“Who knew I’d leave an investment forum nearly in tears from [Charity Water’s] story! …Scott Harrison, Andre Agassi, Sal Khan – how do you get these people?”

Carol O'Connell / The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC

Jason Isaacson

“I wanted to take a moment to express the wonderful experience we have had working with FOA. It’s rare to create an experience where an investment firm and investor base get such intimate and direct interaction. Several FOA families have become an integral part of our LP base and more importantly they have become friends as a result of the FOA platform and events.”

Jason Isaacson / IP Capital Partners

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